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Logo Design for Business in Athens Tennessee

My logo design service may start as low as $125. For this price you will be shown four different variations. You then tell me any revisions you would like. I apply those. You preview the proofs again, choose the one you want and you will receive the full resolution logo as a JPEG, PNG, PSD and TIF online using my dropbox account.

Most of the time logos and the design process runs around $200. Full ownership of the logo is yours and all artwork is original so you will have no problem with trademarking your logo if desired at an additional fee through the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

NOTE: If you’ve got to choose between registering your logo and your company name, go for the company name. It’s the more important asset, and registering it will get you the most protection. Your professionally designed logo will become virtually useless if someone else has already trademarked the same business name!

Below are some examples of my logo design work.


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Logo Design Services Athens Tennessee
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Business Logo Designers Athens Tennessee



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