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Perfect Webmaster® Service | Athens, Tennessee

Already have a professional website but it just isn't performing for you? Well, you're not alone. This is why we offer the Perfect Webmaster® service. We will put your website to work for you. Websites are often designed and developed to achieve certain purposes. But most often a website is also needed to help generate new business and help generate more profit for the company. The Perfect Webmaster® service was created to help your website do this.

Perfect Blend of SEO and Multimedia Content Creation for your Website

You have several options available to you as long as each project may be performed by your Perfect Webmaster® within the 10 hours of time you receive each month. This service is spread out over a 30 day period to maximize effectiveness.

  1. Need a professional video production? High definition, background music, voice narration up to 10 minutes of playtime in the final production hosted on YouTube! As long as it can be created within the ten hours you have our services each month. No problem.
  2. Need professional product photography? Again, as long as your Perfect Webmaster® can shoot, process and deliver within the time you have each month - it's yours - included in the monthly price!
  3. Yes, a professional video OR photo shoot may be ordered each and every month! This makes great content for visitors to share on facebook and other social media!
  4. Website not performing very well in Google, Yahoo and Bing? You receive search engine optimization each month you are participating in our Perfect Webmaster program.
  5. Website Maintenance: Updates you request are guaranteed to be done the same business day or by next business day - or its done free.
  6. A website statistics page will be created if you don't already have this. On this page you may conveniently view your website performance as well as review status reports of ongoing work being done by our Perfect Webmaster® services.
  7. Includes website hosting when you switch to the Perfect Webmaster's hosting service.
You receive Professional Photo Shoot OR Video Shoot each month as well as search engine optimization of your website, website maintenance and website hosting is provided if you switch to the Perfect Webmaster's hosting services. Only $200 a month for Athens area businesses. You may add other services and just pay for those as needed.

Questions? Call us at 423-883-6171
677 County Road 616 Athens, TN 37303

After you sign up with us, you are welcome to stop by the office when you have questions or projects. We're open Monday - Friday 10am to 5pm. Your business must be located within 20 miles of our Athens Tennessee office to use this service.
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677 County Road 616 Athens, TN 37303

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