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Chattanooga Search Engine Optimization Services  

677 County Road 616 Athens, TN 37303
Email: john@websearchanalysis.com
Phone: 423-883-2334
Hours: Monday - Friday 10am to 5pm
Web: www.websearchanalysis.com
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Plans


My search engine optimization services are available under a one year contract. This gives you my time spread out throughout the month performing SEO and/or creating multimedia for your website and/or internet marketing strategies every single month.

Every business IS unique. Every situation with its challenges and goals are always varied.

Contact me about creating a custom SEO/Multimedia plan that will WORK for your particular business situation and goals.


Looking for an easy and fast solution to your website issues? Consider our Perfect Webmaster® program. Starting at only $50 a month.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engines exist because people want to be able to find exactly what they are looking for with the convenience of a good search engine. Search engines exist because they meet this need of providing the search results. Thus, the existence of search engines is dependent upon their ability to provide content in results. But not everyone is willing to pay to be listed in search engines. So, search engines are forced to provide listings (called "natural" or "organic") in their search results. Natural or organic are really fancy names for free listings.

Search engines would love to be able to charge everyone to be listed. But this isn't going to happen - since search engines NEED content in order to thrive. So the search engine optimization field was invented. A person who wants to get listed in search engines without paying the cost every month of being listed instead pays a search engine optimization professional to "search engine optimize" their website. This can be very cost-effective when achieved.

Want to learn more and give me the chance to show whether or not I will be able to help your particular business make more money and my services be worth it to you? Call my office and speak with Cherry at - 423-883-6171 to arrange a free and no obligation consultation with me.

During a free consultation with you if it is determined I can benefit your business with my SEO services - I will tell you. If not, I will also tell you and we shake hands and are glad we gave it a shot. No obligation to use my services either way.

Examples of current website clients using my ongoing SEO services include The Sugar Shoppe, The Chattanooga Wedding & Event Network, Miss Ginny's English Toffee and Loan Simple to vastly increase their visibility in search engine results.

SEO/Multimedia Services: Ongoing SEO and multimedia services will be implemented and include but are not limited to:

* Meta tag optimization of each web page.
* Coupon Promotion: Design & Implementation.
* Dedicated account manager.
* Desktop Website creation & maintenance.
* Creation and registration of Sitemap XML file.
* Maintain updates of website HTML and Sitemap XML file.
* Create as required, additional web pages for the purpose of "catching" keyword/phrase searches.
* Backlink Building: The task is to get smart links which promise maximum value in keeping with
the changing search engine guidelines. All the links that we get are from a related and clean websites. We
believe that a low PR link from a related website is better than a one way link from a random one.
* Social Links: Social media is a part of search. Our SEO services come integrated with a social
component to keep your social accounts active and search results diversified.
* Professional photography.
* Business Video Productions.
* Interactive Online Brochures.
* Editing website body text for optimization.
* Registration and/or creation of accounts needed for third-party directory inclusion and for website features
* Install Premium website statistics provided by third party so client may view website performance 24/7.
* You receive a comprehensive monthly SEO Report.

Of these tasks listed above, just how much time I spend providing each of these simply depends upon you paying me for the time to do them. You may apply my time towards any of these services listed above as time allows. This gives you the flexibility to decide each month how my services to you are best provided based on the monthly SEO reports I provide and your business needs.


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677 County Road 616 Athens, TN 37303
Email: john@websearchanalysis.com

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