Wedding Ceremony Video Services Eastern Tennessee

We optionally offer video services. Our video services are NOT required and our wedding photography customers may use the video services of a fully dedicated video service when desired. Our wedding video services are basic. We do not provide cinematic style videos with all kinds of creative pans, zooms and changing focus points. Some clients just don't want to pay the high cost of such elaborate video productions. We would be happy to recommend some very skilled and talented wedding videographers. But if you just don't want to budget for the more sophisticated production, we are also happy to offer our own basic video services.

We highly recommend video of the Ceremony because it can be so enjoyable to hear the vows exchange years from now. Also HD video may be placed on your online interactive wedding album webpage if you choose to use our wedding album design services. Wedding Photographics does not provide all day video coverage. If you use another professional wedding videographer and would like your wedding video placed in your online wedding album, your videographer must send us the video file so that we may host in our own YouTube channel. This helps ensure no interruptions in the performance of the video we place in online interactive wedding albums. Naturally, the wedding videographer will be credited with the video. In fact, we will be happy to place an active text link to the videographer's own website on your wedding album page.



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