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Chattanooga Search Engine Optimization Services  

677 County Road 616 Athens, TN 37303
Email: john@websearchanalysis.com
Phone: 423-883-2334
Hours: Monday - Friday 10am to 5pm
Web: www.websearchanalysis.com
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Independent Outside Sales Agent Jobs Chattanooga

Website Sales Representative

WebSearch Analysis is seeking an independent outside sales agent to join our team. We do not provide leads since we pay out 20% commission for website sales and 30% commissions for new SEO Plans sold with 20% commission for renewed SEO Plans. You will be required to meet with us daily at our office Monday through Friday for 30-minute morning meetings. We provide you printed marketing materials and online sales presentations. Up to you part-time or full-time effort and you will generate your own leads. As an SEO Sales Representative we pay out 30% commissions for sale of one year SEO Plan to new clients. Each year the contract is renewed, sales agent receives 20% commission. Maintain your position with us to keep receiving 20% residual commissions from renewed active client accounts. To maintain your position with our company we simply require the sale of one SEO Plan within every 30 days. Sixty days without website or SEO plan sold will be cause for mutually terminating our business relationship.

We will provide you an office, telephone and computer. You may meet with clients in your office or in our reception area. We also have a photo/video studio on premises where we shoot business head shot portraits, small product photography and more.

Website Search Engine Optimization Services

We are not your "boss" and you are not our "boss". The relationship, responsibilities and obligations WebSearch Analysis shares with each client and with each independent outside sales agent is described and governed by the written contract each client and agent agrees to and signs with WebSearch Analysis.

Want to Sell Leads?

If we sign contracts from leads you have generated, you get paid the same full commissions as though you had made the sale yourself! So this may be a legitimate opportunity for a "lead seller" to be compensated very well for simply providing us good qualified leads (we pay you 30% for new clients and 20% if they renew one year SEO Plan). However, if the leads you provide us tend to be poor quality, (our own closing ratio is unsatisfactory) we will discontinue this arrangement with you.

Search Engine Optimization Is Our Core Business

Our core business is Search Engine Optimization of business websites. You will meet with small to medium size business owners and general managers throughout Hamilton County and surrounding areas. You accurately and honestly explain the benefits of what WebSearch Analysis can do for their business. This varies with each business since every business has their own unique challenges, competition factors, market conditions, location(s), etc, and we suggest familiarizing yourself with each prospective client before contacting them. You will provide your sales services to us as an independent sales agent; you are not an employee and will be compensated strictly through commissions earned. If you think you might be a really good fit for this kind of work environment, contact us at 423-883-6171.

Chattanooga Website Designer John Wilson

Interactive Multimedia Digital Content Producer & SEO Specialist John Wilson


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677 County Road 616 Athens, TN 37303
Email: john@websearchanalysis.com

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