multiple website features

Your business website will be fully loaded with visitor engaging features.

  • 4K Business Video.
  • Secure encrypted website Form which may include photos, multiple pages and e-commerce.
  • PDF forms which your website visitors may download and save for later viewing.
  • Reviews & Ratings Page.
  • Interactive Map.
  • Audio Player and more.

I provide one 4K professional business video production to be embedded in your website. With Vimeo hosted videos, I can set up your video for pay-to-view. Also Vimeo videos can be set to be embedded only on your own website if desired. For additional security, I can also password protect your video Gallery as well as each video presentation in your Gallery. Unlike YouTube which forces 3rd-party advertising in video, Vimeo only has advertising if you want it in your video.

Portable Document Format (PDF)

PDFs may be viewed, downloaded and saved for later viewing. These forms may also be created so input fields may be populated with information by typing. Also password protected and option to make printable or not printable.