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Chattanooga Search Engine Optimization Services  

677 County Road 616 Athens, TN 37303
Phone: 423-883-6171
Hours: Monday - Friday 10am to 5pm
Better Business Bureau Rating A+



Chattanooga Website Designer John Wilson

John Wilson

Used Automobile Dealer Website Design


Professional business website design that is affordable and produces verifiable and measurable results. It is true that a search optimized website which performs great in search engines is very often the most cost-effective marketing for many businesses. Your site will be easy to navigate and will include professional photography, video and other multimedia features. The Used Car Dealership website plan is available only under a one year contract. This is to ensure you that after the design, your website will be properly and efficiently maintained to keep costs under control. Includes hosting and webmaster site maintenance.

Search Engine Optimization for Car Dealer Websites

Website Search Engine Optimization Services

My SEO services come with the assurance that I use completely ethical and acceptable white hat methods of providing rankings to my clients in the tri-state region of Tennessee, Albama & Georgia.

I use white hat and result oriented SEO methods to deliver rankings that last. While sweeping algorithm changes are wiping out businesses, my ethical and safe practices keep you safe from all such updates. As a reputed Chattanooga area SEO company, I love to simplify things. No jargons or complicated explanations. My comprehensive solutions include all changing variables and are aimed at long term success. For greater value, I offer my services under a one year SEO/Multimedia contract. You will want to make sure that your multimedia/webmaster is someone who will be a valuable member of your team for at least one year.

Professional Automobile Photography & Videos

Other business services include multimedia production. Business video productions hosted on your website and used in internet marketing campaigns are very effective marketing tools when thoughtfully planned and properly executed.


Multimedia content production is also included and provided based on the amount of time you have signed on for the month. Content is king and helps website optimization and conversion of site visitors to various calls to action. I do not underestimate the SEO juice of great multimedia content. You should't either. This is why these other business marketing services are included based on the amount of time you have chosen during each 30 day assignment. Give Pinterest, facebook and other social media users content to share!

On your Used Car Dealership website created and developed by WebSearch Analysis, we will photograph and create video production of each automobile and create a new search optimized webpage listing of each automobile for only $19.95.

Schedule a free and no obligation consultation to see how we can help you to sell more vehicles, faster and cheaper.

You receive Professional Photo Shoot OR Video Shoot each month as well as search engine optimization of your website, website maintenance and website hosting is provided if you switch to the Perfect Webmaster's hosting services. Only $80 (plus sales tax) a month under 1 year contract. Additional fee of only $19.95 (three automobile minimum) for each vehicle we photograph, video and create a comprehensive search optimized webpage for on your website. First photo OR video shoot each 30 days provided at no additional charge - included.


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677 County Road 616 Athens, TN 37303

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